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About Café Y Más

Café Y Más was founded in 2018 by Branko Godijk. Coffee has always been a passion of Branko and he wanted to do something with it in the future. Coffee is more than just a caffeine boost, it is a moment of joy and peace.

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to coffee. The type of beans, the roasting of the beans and the coffee machine are just a few aspects that are important for the taste of the coffee. Coffee is more than just a hobby, it is now also Branko’s work and he enjoys it every day. Enjoyment can be done everywhere, especially with coffee!

One of our colleagues, Maarten de Klein, enjoys cycling on weekends so he can let go work completely. During the usual breaks at a café or restaurant, he takes a rest to relax and enjoy a good cup of coffee. Full of good courage and new energy he cycles on. Coffee gives Maarten a moment of happiness and the feeling of freedom. Just like cycling, it has become a passion for him.

Café y Más knows its origin in Spain and it means Coffee and more. We came up whit this name because Café Y Más offers more than just coffee beans. We also offering service, side products, coffee machines and cleaning products for the machines.

We roast our coffee beans at our own coffee roaster. Our beans are selected by taste and quality, so we can guarantee our customers the best coffee beans and also the best coffee. We have three different types of mélanges so that we have for everyone something that they like.

Our different types of coffee beans:

  • Leve
  • Superior
  • Picante

Branko and Maarten work daily, together with their colleagues, to deliver the best coffee and coffee machines to their customers. Satisfied customers ensure that we continue every day and enjoy our work. We are grateful that we can make our customers happy with the best coffee every day.

Partnership Team DSM

We are happy to announce that we have a new partnership with the DSM team. Team DSM and Café Y Más partner up for the team’s coffee during races, camps, at the Aqua-step Keep Challenging Center and the Team’s headquarter in Deventer.

Have you become curious about our different coffee beans and possibilities for your office or at home? Take a look at our webshop for our product range. Contact us and we will be happy to look at the best options regarding the coffee supply together.

Keep challenging and find out!


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